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    Mind Games


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    Mind Games Empty Mind Games

    Post by Zaethix on Mon Jan 14, 2013 5:58 pm

    This is a simple sharing of experiences I'd posted on Dalt's old forums, that had happened sometime in August last year. Thought Id move it over here as well.

    Its just a trick, right? My mind is playing tricks on me.

    It's been a full week now. A week of games. Maybe its just my lack of sleep, I'm just not sure anymore.

    A week ago today, it was as simple as seeing things in my room that were there, couldnt be there, in the dark. But now its gotten worse, its grown to be in public, in the daylight hours. The night this all started, I'd fallen asleep around 1:14 am and woke around 3:45am. I sat up for a moment. I'd fallen asleep with one of those faux tea candles on. I saw a figure out of the corner of my eye where my bench was in the top left corner of my room. I turned my head slowly towards it. The figure sat there. I laid back down and rolled over to face the wall. I fell back asleep.

    The next night, Friday, I went to bed around the same time and woke at 5:30 am to the sound of scratching against a wall. (My bed is up against my wall in the bottom left corner, to give you an idea here. Theres also a board screwed into the wall covering a hole we had to take out of it due to shower plumbing issues.) I grabbed my phone to use the backlight as a flashlight, there were scratches all over the board. I put it off as something I'd done due to a dream of night terror. I laid back down and saw something walk past my window. I took a moment to get up and walk to the window. I grabbed a curtain and peeked outside, there was a person standing in front of my porch. I was terribly confused as to why my house. I went back to bed and fell asleep.

    After that night, I decided to go to bed around 12. This night, I was struck with a night terror and woke from thrashing. I was crying and cold due to tossing the sheets off my bed during the night. I sat up, waited for a few moments and picked up the covers and went back to sleep.

    It was Sunday night. I shut and locked my front door after my sister left to go to a friends house. I went to my room to read. It was around 2 am I heard creaking as I was about to lay down to sleep. (My house is more than 12 years old so its common to hear the floor creak when people are walking around.) I sat there, listening. The creaking went on and stopped outside my door and my parent's room. (I'm across the hall from them due to night terrors and always being the one that gets really sick :I) I waited for what seemed like 30 minutes. Then, I heard it walk down the hall again and then a sliding sound. I waited for a few more minutes hearing my parents snoring, then I finally got the courage to get up. I dashed down the hall. I made my way through the living room to the kitchen to my sliding glass door. I pulled back the curtains to find the bat wasnt laid down to prevent the door from being opened. (Our lock had broken and we were too lazy to get it fixed so we used a softball bat from the garage.) Panic set in. I laid the bat down and sat on the couch watching TV. I fell asleep a few hours later.

    I woke to a bird slamming against the glass door. Went about my daily routine, went to class, came home ect. I went to bed after checking all the locks. Nothing out of the ordinary. I thought it was done. I was wrong.

    After class, Tuesday, I agreed to going to the mall with my mum. After all, i was in need of new shoes, my boots were falling apart. We got to the mall and went pretty much everywhere we needed to. We were about to leave when I noticed someone who looked exactly like my friend Alena, flaming red hair, All Time Low shirt, everything. There was one problem with this however. Alena committed suicide back in September of last year. I ignored it and continued on.

    Things have been calming down since then though. Thank god. However, I've become so paranoid about the doors not being locked that if I wake during the night, I will do my rounds to make sure they are.

    So yep. Thats that.

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