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    "Penpal" - Dathan Auerbach (1000Vultures)


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    "Penpal" - Dathan Auerbach (1000Vultures) Empty "Penpal" - Dathan Auerbach (1000Vultures)

    Post by Zaethix on Sun Jan 13, 2013 4:14 pm

    What started off as a simple story on reddit, by a user with the name 1000Vultures, soon became 6 part story on subreddit, r/nosleep. This series has now been given the title "Penpal" and has been published into a horror novel.
    Have a nice summary from the back of the book.
    In an attempt to make sense of his own mysterious and unsettling childhood memories, a man begins to reconstruct his past. As the games and adventures of his youth become engulfed by a larger story, he finds that it forms a tapestry of unbelievable horror that he never could have expected.
    Each chapter completes a different piece of the puzzle for both you and the narrator, and by the end of it all, you will wish that you could forget what he never knew.
    In my opinion, its a damn good read especially at 3 am.
    Theres also a nice audio reading of the 6 parts here.

    So yeah. Forgot where all I was going with this so I'm just gonna post it now. Kthxbye.

    Oh wait, now I remember, theres a grand possibility of this lovely novel being made into a movie! Produced by Academy Award winner Rich Middlemas.

    Yeah. Thats that.

    "Penpal" - Dathan Auerbach (1000Vultures) Tumblr_maghw32PVc1rf42c9o1_500

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    "Penpal" - Dathan Auerbach (1000Vultures) Empty Re: "Penpal" - Dathan Auerbach (1000Vultures)

    Post by skeletorissatan on Mon Jan 14, 2013 5:06 am

    ill have a look dude

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    "Penpal" - Dathan Auerbach (1000Vultures) Empty Re: "Penpal" - Dathan Auerbach (1000Vultures)

    Post by ShadowQ on Wed Jan 16, 2013 2:55 pm

    Book...created by one of my favorite subreddits....reddit. I must have this....I betcha tree fiddy I'll never find it...

    "Penpal" - Dathan Auerbach (1000Vultures) IXKYr
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    "Penpal" - Dathan Auerbach (1000Vultures) Empty Re: "Penpal" - Dathan Auerbach (1000Vultures)

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