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    Demi Lovato Unbroken (Pop/RnB) (5/5)


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    Demi Lovato Unbroken (Pop/RnB) (5/5) Empty Demi Lovato Unbroken (Pop/RnB) (5/5)

    Post by skeletorissatan on Sun Jan 13, 2013 3:27 pm

    Demi Lovato is now three albums into her career, and appears fucking unstoppable. Seriously, her past two were absolutely incredible, and now album number three, Unbroken, released in 2012, proves that, despite countless personal troubles, a stint in rehab, and a complete change in musical style, she can continue her streak. There may well not be a better pop/R&B album than Unbroken, and there certainly cant be a better one released this year.

    Kicking things off with the club and party friendly All Night Long, the stylistic change is immediately obvious. The pounding bass along with Demi's incredible vocal performance is but the tip of the iceberg to be found on this album. For her to switch so seamlessly from the pop-rock oriented style of Dont Forget and Here We Go Again, to the more serious style found on this album is surely a testament to her versatility.

    The next standout track on this album is Fix A Heart. This song really is well written, and Demi's vocals absolutely drip emotion, second only to two other yet-to-be-mentioned songs. Fix A Heart has some of the best lyrics found on the album, and fantastic vocals that convey the feelings of heartbreak and being broken perfectly.

    The second single off of this album, Give Your Heart A Break, is another one of the standouts of the album, containing the most diverse vocal performance from Demi yet. She goes across several different pitch changes, and it works perfectly, with her signature style of absolutely pouring her lungs into her lines. She bellows the lyrics to this song, but not in a distasteful style. This is one of the more fun tracks on the album, and is one of the best that she has ever put out.

    Next comes Skyscraper, another astonishing track. This was the lead off single of the album, and was met with extreme praise, and for good reason. Skyscraper is the pinnacle of Demi's career, dealing with a breakup and her past troubles with self harm and addiction, and beating them, and it is incredible. Her jump from absolutely desperate vocals, to the astonishing vocals in the chorus, this really is amazing.

    The last track worth an individual shoutout on this album is For The Love Of A Daughter, which has the best lyrics from the album by a fucking mile. Demi's angry but beautiful vocals in this song are the perfect way to end the album. This is one of her better tracks, and one of my most listened to songs.

    The only real low point of this album is the crappy remix of Skyscraper found at the end of the album. This really does take away the emotion and desperation of the single version, and almost ruins the song. Other than this, there really are no notable downs on the album.

    This album showcases Demi's voice in majestic style, with the most varied album of her career so far, and this shows that she can change style and still top her past efforts. The finest of her three albums to date, i recommend this album to absolutely anyone. Even if you are the most anti-Demi Lovato person ever, give this a shot. You will be pleasently surprised.

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