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    Conquest Of The Overfiend-Conquest Of The Overfiend (Adventure rap) (4.5/5)


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    Conquest Of The Overfiend-Conquest Of The Overfiend (Adventure rap) (4.5/5) Empty Conquest Of The Overfiend-Conquest Of The Overfiend (Adventure rap) (4.5/5)

    Post by skeletorissatan on Sun Jan 13, 2013 3:04 pm

    Conquest Of The Overfiend. A name that sounds like the results of a succesful paedophile that a rap group talking about slaying dragons decided to call themselves. A recipe for disaster? To many rap fans, it definately would be. However, what we have at work here is a mix tape released by three exceedingly talented, and yet unheard of rappers that combines samples from various fantasy movies, nice beats, great flows, and some exceedingly good story telling, with a whole host of guests from the UK battle rap scene, including the revered Tenchoo, O'Shea and Innuendo.

    The three main culprits behind this release are Psychosis Holocaust, Flex Digits and Pseudonym. PH has a very fitting name given the subject matter at here, and is the strongest of the three rappers, originating from Sheffield, and has put out consistently great mix tapes, and, most recently, his first solo album, Endgame. Flex Digits is a heavy weight of the battle rap scene and has also released great songs, including the exceptionally funny song Spoons. Pseudonym is the most obscure of the three, and is not quite on par with the other two. However, they are all talented enough rappers. The most interesting thing, however, is that not all the tracks feature all of them, and one track doesn't feature any of them, instead being a solo song by Liverpudlian rapper by the name of Innuendo.

    The best song on here is Mega City One, being named after the Judge Dredd city. This contains a guest appearance from O'shea, with the other two rappers being Pseudonym and Psychosis Holocaust. From the bombastic beat to the intricate lyricism here, this is a great song start to finish. The contrast between the relatively serious style held by PH and Pseudonym and the laid back, curse-happy style of O'shea is very nice to listen to, providing two different elements on one epic song. The thing that let this song down, however, was the video produced for it, which was just a bunch of clips from video games strung together. However, it is a good enough listen.

    The title track is another good one, starting with a great flow from Flex Digits, and builds up towards the frantic delivery of PH at the end of the song. This is, as an overall rap song, the best on the album, with numerous multi-syllabic rhyming schemes, tight lyrics from all the involved parties, and a beat that can more than hold its own amongst the top rap musicians of today. However, on the overall fun factor, which is all this album is intended to be, it falls flat compared to Mega City One.

    Psychosis Holocaust had two solo songs on here, both of which are two of the best on display. He has an undeniably tight rap flow, and great lyrical ability throughout the entire mix tape. One of his songs, In The Sword We Trust, opens up the album, and at first takes a while to get into. He has a very rough accent and a strange rhyme scheme, but when the listener gets into it, he is almost untouchable. His other solo song, Always Be Dragons, has an amazing chorus to it, one of the best final verses in rap music full stop, and a great flow.

    Toast To The Warriors contains all of the three creators of the album, and the chorus is one of the best found on here. This is a standout, as is the song that precedes it, Dungeon Bandits, featuring a remarkable guest appearance from Respek B.A, a UK rap legend, with an extremely strong accent that can be hard to understand. However, Respek is possibly the weakest guest appearance on this release.

    This was originally envisioned as part of a trilogy, but ultimately the involved parties decided not to pursue the two follow ups, as they prefered to work on their own solo stuff. This is a real shame, as this album is a solid enough release, and was made available for free download, with 600 physical copies being made available. The rapping itself is stellar here, the guest appearances are nice enough, and the songs are nice and short. This is, simply put, a fantastic release, and there really is nothing bad to say except it takes a while to get into and isnt really for just any listener, it is somewhat of an aquired taste.

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