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    Biffy Clyro Only Revolutions (Alt Rock) (4/5)


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    Biffy Clyro Only Revolutions (Alt Rock) (4/5) Empty Biffy Clyro Only Revolutions (Alt Rock) (4/5)

    Post by skeletorissatan on Sun Jan 13, 2013 2:50 pm

    If there was ever a band that describes the term "rollercoaster career", it is Biffy Clyro. The Scottish trinity were not always the incredibly commercial rock band you have heard on the radio through their singles Mountains and Many Of Horror and Bubbles. In fact, they began their career as a Post-Hardcore band with some nicely done screamed vocals mixed in with some of the oddest instrumentation i have ever heard. Seriously, listen to Strung To Your Ribcage from Infinity Land and tell me that is sane.

    However, as the years progressed, the band mellowed out their sound and streamlined for a more radio rock oriented sound, resulting in Only Revolutions, their fifth album, and with Opposites due for release next year, their career can only keep getting better. Only Revolutions is a 12 track affair, clocking in at a little under 43 minutes, so it is around average for a radio rock album, but the music is far above average.

    Kicking things off with fan favourite The Captain, the listener knows they are in for something special. The soft intro, and then the guitar chords come in with a "wooh" from Simon Neil, before the song pulses along at a splendid pace, being one of the best songs on the album and one of the bands finest lyrical accomplishments to date. This is the perfect introduction to the new, revitalised Biffy Clyro after they were suspended in limbo on Puzzle, their previous album.

    The finest moments of this album are the 1-2 punch that is Bubbles and God And Satan. The former is a nicely paced song that bounces along perfectly, never outstaying its welcome, and has some great guitar work to accompany Simon Neil's incredible vocal work. This guy is the life force of the band, for sure. Following this, we have the very emotional God And Satan, which is one of the slowest songs on the album, but also my personal favourite. The lyrics are well thought out and the vocal work is breathtaking.

    Shock Shock and That Golden Rule are very similar too each other in my opinion, and they really are good songs. That Golden Rule has the amazing verses and a completely sing a long chorus, and Shock Shock is just a pulsing rocker that commands the listeners respect, despite the fact that the lyrics are extremely sub par. These are two of the best songs from the album, without a shadow of a doubt.

    Unfortunately, the album loses its momentum towards the end, and starts to sound disorganised on the last two songs. Know Your Quarry and Whorses are the two worse songs on this album, and both just feel forced and lacklustre compared to what the rest of the album has shocked us with. Even Simon Neil's fantastic vocal work can not save the song from the fact that the instrumental work is completely bland in Know Your Quarry.

    Whorses closes off the album, but not in a good fashion. It is better than Know Your Quarry, which is the worst song on the album, and has some incredible galloping drums that sound like the titular animal trotting along. However, the lyrics are rather terrible to this song, and Neil is not on top form vocally nor guitar wise on here.

    The two most famous songs from this album, Many Of Horror and Mountains are two of the more mid-tier songs on here. They are nothing breathtaking, but they remain fun songs to listen to. Mountains has the catchiest chorus i have heard from this band, and really is powerful to listen to, and Many Of Horror takes a while to get going, but as soon as it does, it really is flawless.

    This album is one of the finest rock albums i have heard in a long time. Everyone is on top form for this, with some great vocal work from Simon Neil and the best guitar work he has ever done. His piano work is also very nicely worked into the album. The bass from James Johnston is well done, and Ben Johnston is on top form for his drumming, as shown on album closer Whorses.

    This album is highly recommended, and not only by me. Kerrang named it as the third best album of 2009, and this is deserved, as it is a cracking album full of beautifully composed songs and a lot of different ideas that never clash. If it were not for the last two songs, this would get a 4.5, but they knock .5 off, so i am forced to give this album a solid 4/5.

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