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    Run Empty Run

    Post by AlaniIodine on Sun Jan 13, 2013 2:23 pm


    It was all she could think. She had to get away. She couldn't stop, and she couldn't look back. She just had to keep running away.

    She never stayed in one place for very long, for she knew if she did they would find her, and all would be lost. She couldn't let them down that way.

    Whispering voices seeped under the door and made their way to Lipafare's very sensitive ears.

    "How long do you think she will last?"

    "Not very long, I think. The last subject lasted maybe a couple days."

    "But she's stronger than the rest. Something different we did must have been right. I mean, look at the test results we have from her."

    The shuffle of feet. The rustle of papers.

    "Ah. I see your point. She is better than them. My guess is that she'll last maybe five days."

    Five days, she thought. That's not very long.

    She was smarter and stronger and faster than everyone else in that room. She looked around herself, looked at the others that had been created, just like she had been. It wasn't a pretty sight. Deformities, problems, malfunctions, mutations; most didn't even look human. Luckliy, if she happened to escape the Lab the people in the outside world would have little to no idea that she was different from them. She looked relatively the same as everyone else, but if they looked closely, they could see the difference in her eyes, her skin.

    That was seven years ago. She was fifteen now and, for the time being, free of the evil found in the Lab. She was never going back. She quickly glanced behind her to make sure the others were still following. She had managed to free some of the most successful projects, experiments. She hated that they had even been created in the first place; she hated that even she had been created. She shouldn't exist; none of them should. But they did and, for the time being, there was nothing they could do about that.

    Dying wasn't an option in this situation for her, because if she was gone the others would invariably disappear as well. They would either die as well, or they would be recaptured by the people at the Lab, and none of them wanted to go back there. So dying wasn't an option.

    Running was the only way. They could all run, and it was their only form of escape. They could get a job, but they couldn't stay in one place long enough to find one, let alone keep one. Even if they managed to aquire a job, they wouldn't be able to earn much with the short amount of time they could afford to spend in one place.

    You see, they had to keep moving. The employees at the Lab could track them. She wasn't sure how, but she knew they could. They had traveled across most of the United States, and up through Canada and Alaska. They were planning on exiting the US some time within the next couple of months. They were currently heading towards Central America, hoping to make it to South America before winter arrived. If they could make it to the equator before the bite of winter came, it would save them a lot of time, and aid in their escape. If they couldn't make it to the equator before winter, they would be stuck in one place for longer than they could afford to be. It would give the Lab just enough time to reach them.

    There were five of them all together; Daga, Tegos, Zepia, Krane, and herself. All of them had been created similarly to the way she had been. None of them looke alike enough to be related by blood, but they had been running together for almost a year, and all considered each other family. She had chosen them because they all had relatively the same abilities, and looked normal enough to pass in the human world.

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