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    The Blackout Hangout Rules Section


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    The Blackout Hangout Rules Section Empty The Blackout Hangout Rules Section

    Post by Envy on Sat Jan 12, 2013 6:54 pm

    Hey everyone! This is Envy, welcome to the Blackout Hangout. This is Envy, and before you start posting I'd just like to go over a few rules with you. Nothing to big, just to make sure everything in the community runs smoothly and everyone is happy.

    Rule #1: No advertising your band outside of your signature and the "Advertise your Band" section, and no advertising other websites unless it's in your signature. There is no advertising allowed by private message under any circumstances. Profile (otherwise known as visitor) messages are ok for advertising your band, not another website.

    Rule #2: No racist / inflammatory / trolling remarks. We don't give a damn about cussing, just don't be an ass.

    Rule #3: Please, when criticizing other's music, label out your points and tell them how they can improve, instead of just flat out saying something along the lines of "you suck." Constructive criticism is definitely a major positive quality.

    Rule #4: No impersonating staff members / other members. No alt accounts (you are allowed your one account, if you want to start over without anyone knowing it's you, send a private message to an admin saying what your new account name will be, and we will ban your main account so you can make a new one and we won't tell anyone who your new account is). Attempting to ban dodge by making an alt account will result in an even longer ban. Making alt accounts to get votes in contests also isn't allowed.

    Rule #5: Stealing is not tolerated, period. Regardless of what it is.

    Rule #6: No hacks / warez / other similar things.

    Have fun everyone!
    - Envy

    Welcome to The Blackout Hangout!

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