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    The Process of Passing Time


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    The Process of Passing Time

    Post by AlaniIodine on Sun Jan 13, 2013 2:12 pm

    Always watching people pass,
    Be original in a world
    Comprised of copy-cats and haters
    Determined to bring down;
    Everyone who wants to have a voice
    For they, themselves, are afraid
    Going forward because they are
    Human and they age.
    In time, they will fade
    Just like everyone else and they
    Know full well that they will
    Leave this world but they want
    More than anything to leave a mark so as
    Not to go forgotten.
    Over the course of years, as
    People come and people go,
    Questioning the meaning of life,
    Remembering the lives of people passed
    So that they may learn
    To make their lives mean something,
    Until nature takes them away-
    Veers down another path
    With them in tow and
    Xerox-copies them into the pages of a book
    Younger generations will read but a
    Zenith will eventually come and scatter what remains

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