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    An Ocean Between Us-The Failings (Metalcore) (4.5/5)


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    An Ocean Between Us-The Failings (Metalcore) (4.5/5) Empty An Ocean Between Us-The Failings (Metalcore) (4.5/5)

    Post by skeletorissatan on Sun Jan 13, 2013 1:59 pm

    There are many, many metal bands out there, and many of these fail to make an impact due to being too generic. There are a few standout bands that sell enough copies to live off, and even fewer that hit the big-time. Unfortunately, there are also a select few bands that never make it because some idiotic record label failed to push them hard enough. An Ocean Between Us are one of these bands.

    Taking their name from fellow metalcore outfit As I Lay Dying, this band is a five-piece outpit containing a bassist, a drummer, a lead guitarist, a rhythm guitarist who doubles as a vocalist, and a female vocalist. They mould together their various influences, ranging from Atreyu to Slayer, to create a fairly unique form of metalcore music, that ditches many of the breakdowns that the genre is known for. Their debut album, The Failings, was released in 2012, to little exposure and mixed reviews, with praise being given to the guitar work, but the vocals being unjustly criticised.

    The album contains 11 tracks of fast, aggressive material, that really does something new to the metalcore sound. Instead of having pointless chuggy breakdowns and simplified guitar riffs, the band tries their absolute hardest to inject a new formula into the genre and it works. Both vocalists are decent, both using screams and cleans throughout the album to a great affect. Female vocalist Kia is clearly the better of the two at both, but this matters not in the context of the album, as they are both great.

    16 year old drummer Ale was given three months to learn the songs for this album after the old drummer walked out halfway through the sessions, and he really does turn the songs upside down. He gives them a fast, intense feel, and lays down some cool patterns, largely altered from the originals he was given. This is a highly talented drummer, showing off his Slayer influences with a lot of skill.

    Dan's rhythm work is fantastic, and the lead just builds on this perfectly, along with Nick's intricate bass that realy does add something to the album instead of just being there thudding along in the background with the drums. The band, as a whole, are extremely talented.

    The album kicks off with the fast Live Together Die Alone which has some amazing melodys to it that really do get the listener involved, and Road Not Taken contains some of the best riff work on the album. However, the two tracks to really listen for are Here Comes The Storm and From tears.

    From Tears was the first single from the album, with a nice video to accompany it that showcases the bands sound perfectly. This really was the best choice for the single, as it is not too long and contains some amazing instrumentals, with great drumming and riffs that are bound to get some heads banging. The vocal work is top notch, with great screaming from both vocalist, and Kia's soothing clean singing is some of the best on the record.

    Here Comes The Storm is one of my personal favourite songs of all time, containing the best of ever member of the band. This is the band's crowning achievement, being fuelled by a great riff, and having some superb clean singing from Kia, particularly during the chorus. The screaming from Dan is fantastic as well, really adding to the song. This is how metalcore should be done properly.

    Overall, this is one of the finest metalcore releases i have ever heard, easily toppling some of the more commercial bands out there. The band's focus of straight to the point music is really the selling point, not messing around with extended intro's or pointless wankery, just being good fun metal to sing along to and bang your head to. An excellent debut. 4.5/5

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