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    Bars Empty Bars

    Post by skeletorissatan on Sun Jan 13, 2013 1:45 pm

    Ive got a true story, right, pay attention when i spit, im incredibly sick, but with you, english jokes are as clever as it gets, so imma leave this little american in bits, cuz ive got a history lesson and its this, once upon a time in london back centuries and shit, the bank of england started putting debt on all our quids, the working class of Britain got upset enough to quit and rowed to the US to start settlements on it. There were natives there who lived on the settlements they picked, so they readied the weaponry and then shredded em all to bits, claimed it for emselves like some sentimental pricks, then America was born, what a load of unquestionable dicks. But then in 1914, there was an event you might have missed, when your government allowed the Federal Reserve to run your shit, thats the central bank of america and its very very rich, cuz its owned by the bank of england and americas its bitch. So dont think your country won independence from the Brits, July the fourth merely gave you the impression that it did, we control your money, your presidents a prick, and half your countries too dumb to tell september 11th was a fix, egotistical fucks and your testament to this, forever thinking your better when you spit, saying america is that and america is this but when you check the facts i wouldnt be proud to be american a bit.

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